Saturday, 7 January 2012

Two new plushies!

Hey guys ^^ 

Sorry this is a slightly late post, I'm really busy with college at the minuet :) I actually think I'm doing pretty well - normally when school is stressful I become really inactive in the internet world... But even now with my exams next week I've still managed to make 2 or 3 videos over 7 or 8 days ^__^ 

Maybe I'll regret that when I get my results xD

Just kidding, I wouldn't push myself to make videos if I didn't think I had my revision covered :) Anyway this post is just to show my two new plushies. The first one is a plush you might have seen, it's just a white tofu cube, here! I think it's pretty cute ^^
The second plush is this little doughnut. I think this one turned out okay, but the hole is slightly too big, and it needs a little less stuffing ^^; I'll show this plush in my video tomorrow, but you guys get to see it first :3

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