Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Winter Bunny Plushie Template

Here is the template for my winter bunny plushie.

I think these bunnies look cute without the scarves too!

I would really love to see if you guys make one of these! You can post a picture on my facebook wall (search TammyHallam on facebook), or tag me in a picture on instagram (@therealtammyy) ^__^

Remember that you can resize the template on MS word or any picture editing software, if you want to make your plushie bigger or smaller than the one I made.

To download the template, click the image first to view it in full screen, then right click and choose 'save image as' or something similar. :')

Here is how mine turned out. You can use this picture as a reference along with the video tutorial (here).


  1. Hello Tammy! Thanks for all the tutorials! They are really good inspirations! I've been wanting to make plushies for so long but I don't have fiberfill or stuffing to stuff my plushies. What could be a substitute?

  2. Hey I was woundering if you could make a handlebar mustache? Maggie bliss

  3. could you also show how you made that really cute pancake plush with the butter on it? just says rivers bliss but this actually is maggie bliss because i am using my sisters account.

  4. Hello Tammy! I've missed your video :3 but I hope uni is going well! Also, I've nominated my for the Liebster Blog Award, if you're interested then here is the blog post I did on it to find out more

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