Saturday, 2 June 2012

Peas in a Pod Template

Here is the template for my 'Peas in a pod' plush :)

This one was actually my fourth attempt at making this template, the pod part was really hard! I'm still not entirely happy with it, so I might redesign it when I have time ^^

Remember that you have to cut four of the lemon shapes pieces for each pea :)


  1. I tryed to make the tofo but I used the blanket stich by accent I am ur #1fan all of ur videos are in my fav

  2. Whoa, thats so cool! X3

    My birthday was on June 8, and looking at it, you made 8 posts on the month of June :D

    Thanks for your tutorials! :D the ones i gave my friends had little tags on the foot so that it would look more professional ^^ But i wrote your youtube username on the tags, so haha ^_^

  3. this is my christmas gift to my elder brother girl friend and we are close

  4. This is very cool i am trying to make the peas in the pod and is turning out OK but still needs some work and i have a request you know how you made the cube duck can you please make a cube pig i think it would so cool and cute

  5. I haven't made this yet, but it looks so cute and I have all the materials ready to make it! Thank you for inspiring me to create more cute things.

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