Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Totoro Doughnut Template

EDIT: The template that I made originally (below) looks a little weird to me, so I made another one that I think looks better. The pic on the top is the old template and underneath is the new template, I left them both up so you can choose which one you prefer :)


  1. Heyy , I'm from Malaysia and I really love ur tutorial on making the kawaii plushie :) So, can you please do me a favor by doing a panda plushie ? :) I'd be very thankful for that . Thnks . Hope to hear from you soon :D

    1. Oooo! Surprisingly, She has already made one! Here's a link in case you missed it: :) And if you're wondering, I am just a blogger out there who loves to help people :) I like sewing, too. Thats why I'm here...LOL!

  2. Love your plushies there sew cute !

  3. i made an earth plushie and sun plushie , my baby sister loves it !