Saturday, 31 December 2011

Onigiri Plush

So here it is, an onigiri plush! ^^ 

For some reason I seem to see a lot of onigiri plush tutorials on youtube, I'm not entirely sure why seen as though plush tutorials on youtube are pretty scarce :S I guess it's because it's really simple to make? 

Anyway I just added another one to the mix x3 It didn't take me that long to make, around 20 mins or so I guess... In all honesty my tutorials take a lot longer to edit than the do to film, is that true for most youtubers?

But anyway, I'll upload the picture here and the template straight after, and then I'll add the youtube video when it's uploaded (it's rendering now ^^)

Expect my next tutorial next weekend, maybe a new plush will be on my blog before then but I won't have a tutorial on it :3

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