Saturday, 31 December 2011

Shappo Plush Tutorial

Here is the video tutorial for the Shappo plush in my last post ^^

Honestly I don;t really like it very much... I don't know if its the plush that I don't like or the video itself - but it didn't get as much good feedback as my other videos do so I'm guessing it's not just me that thinks I can do better :/ 

I wasn't actually going to make another video until next weekend because I have so much work to do for college - but today I actually filmed another tutorial ><; It's really really simple, an onigiri plush :) 

I figured that I had to redeem myself to my viewers, and to be fair there's not much that can go wrong when making an onigiri xD It was highly requested too :) But anyway that was a lot of babbling, here is the Shappo tutorial ^_^ 

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