Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sushi Plush

When I first started making plushies, sushi was something  I made a lot because I thought they were so cute! ><:

I gave a lot of my first plushies away so I don't have then any more, but as long as I have felt I can always make more right? ^_^

A lot of people on youtube had been requesting for me to make a sushi plush, and so that's what I did as soon as I got a chance - here is the plush I made ^^

There are a few things I think I could change about this plush, I think I will share them with you >< I think I should have made the rice section a little smaller, because there is too much rice compared to the egg. I also think I should have made the seaweed in a darker shade of green to make it more realistic, and I think I should have made the eyes smaller and slightly further down.

Aside from that it's a pretty cute plush, and I filmed a tutorial as I was making it, so yay! :3

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